SAAB of Halfmoon

Since the town would not consider Saab’s prototype facility, a new concept was created to appease the town fathers and Saab itself.  The concept is reminiscent of an airplane hanger, Saab’s origin, which utilizes forms and materials found locally.  It also maintained the integrity, layout and all of the programmed spaces found in the original plan.  The award winning design exceeded all goals to everyone’s satisfaction.

The main challenge was adapting the Saturn prototype building elements into an existing building.  The building was re-skinned, the walls were insulated and sheathed, the structure reinforced, and the entire interior was designed to be transformed into the prototypical Saturn dealership while adapting to the owner’s needs and the constraints of the building.

Some buildings simply get tired and need to be refreshed.  This is exactly what we did for the owners of Amsterdam Dodge.  Updated the layout and flow, new face and entirely new interiors.  Voila, new building!