North Swan Street Park (Volunteer)

The North Swan Street Park is at the corner of Second and North Swan Streets, located in one of Albany’s downtown neighborhoods, the Arbor Hill Neighborhood and in the Ten Broeck Historic District. Once a thriving and busy street, North Swan Street has experienced difficult times and many changes over the past decades. The North Swan Street Park is one of the few places in the Arbor Hill area that has a neighborhood oriented public recreational area. This park project involves extensive renovation of a one-acre plot that currently includes a basketball court and asphalt area in a state of disrepair.

In order for continued investment in the North Swan Street area to succeed, it was imperative that this park be improved. Only then will the two halves of the neighborhood’s character come together once again. It is believed and hoped that the North Swan Street Park will help instill more confidence and pride in the Arbor Hill neighborhood, leading the way for further investment.