Campbell Place

This project consisted of an array of professional design services, encompassing master planning, architectural design and project naming. The large mixed-use development will include apartments and townhomes, retail shops, and restaurants situated on a prominent 37-acre parcel in Latham, NY. The master plan design creates a walkable, village-like community atmosphere, and the architecture of the site endeavors to link the many programmatic components and their respective design languages together while maintaining the new-urbanism approach of the overall site.

This building, more than 32,000 square-feet in total, can accommodate approximately 11,000 square-feet of commercial space on the first floor, and contains spacious one– and two- bedroom loft-style apartments located on the second and third floors. The design intent of the structure is to transition between the more traditional townhomes planned for the rear of the site and the more contemporary retail structures to be prominent along the main road.

The overall design goal was to create a pedestrian friendly environment at the master planning level that features an architectural aesthetic reflecting our contemporary times with a wink and a nod to the past. Developed parallel to the master plan, the first building will make its own unique statement while setting the tone for the remaining buildings that will be located throughout the development.