Amherst College – Mayo-Smith House

Mayo-Smith House was originally constructed in 1923 as a fraternity. The first major renovation of the building took place in 2007/2008, taking advantage of leading edge energy saving technology while preserving the unique historic character of the building. The slate roof was repaired, and chimneys selectively restored. The original grand entrance, long since blocked off, was restored to its original grandeur becoming the front entrance of the building again. The exterior walls and roofs are insulated with the latest generation of insulation technology and custom-made energy efficient windows result in a comfortable living environment and lowered energy use. The renovation preserves the historic common rooms and main stair at the first floor, and re-configures bedroom spaces to provide a mix of singles and suites. The upper floors provide two story suites, offering a communal living experience for four students each. The existing historic library is now provided with a ramp to provide accessibility to all persons.